Automatic Dollar Cost Averaging In Coinbase.

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They make it pretty easy to do this – here’s a screenshot:

1) Pick your coin
2) Pick your Payment Method
3) Put in your USD amount (it will auto convert to your coin)
4) Click the “Repeat this buy” box
5) Select Weekly
6) Confirm!

You’re going to select “Recurring Transaction” and select “Weekly.” This means that Coinbase will automatically buy up the crypto you want each week automatically and withdraw the funds from your account.
Note: you will see different coin prices depending on the price on the day you purchase. Coinbase or any exchange will buy the market price each week so the amount of coin you buy each week will vary as well.

Get £7 on Coinbase when opning your account with this link.

Disclaimer: this is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

Dollar Cost Averaging sent to your Wallet

Proof Of Key: Not your key not your crypto!

Are you interested in buying Bitcoin with the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy? Our tool will send the coins to your personal crypto wallet.

We are building a tool to do this automatically for you, the coins are sent from your exchange account directly to your personal wallet, weekly, without going through a 3rd party. Leave a comment bellow to get informed when it’s ready.